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Romero Law Office, L.L.C. 
4230 North Oakland Avenue,  # 400
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53211-2042

"Wow, you don't mess around, I love your efforts and thoroughness, you really take care of business, that is very impressive!"
~2014 Client

Attorney Romero Award 2012

  • 25+ years of experience in the Wisconsin court system serving a diverse group of clients.
  • Top 1% of the Nation's lawyers.  Selected as a "Member of the Nation’s Top One Percent" by The National Association of Distinguished Counsel
  • Top 1.5% of Wisconsin lawyers.  "Top 100 Family lawyers in the State of Wisconsin."  "...stellar legal credentials..."  The American Society of Legal Advocates 2015
  • "Superb" rating,  2012-2015 Avvo Client Reviews
  • "Excellent" client ratings,  2011 Avvo Client Reviews
  • "You were worth every penny!"   Former client.
  • Named in a "Top  5%" of lawyers.  Leading Lawyers - Highest-Ranked Attorneys article, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Editions, Milwaukee M: Lifestyle Magazine.
  • Named in a Best Lawyers article, September 2001 Edition, Milwaukee Magazine
  • Named in a Best Lawyers - Top 175 Attorneys of Milwaukee article, October 1999 Edition, Milwaukee Magazine. (A top 3.7% Peer Survey)
  • Awarded the Wisconsin Supreme Court, State Bar of Wisconsin, and the Wisconsin Law Foundation's Private Firm Attorney-of-the-Year Award 1998
  • "Milwaukee attorney Ernesto Romero's Web site . . . has a wealth of information . . . ." Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Newspaper
  • "Split Decisions Article ." Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Newspaper
  • Flat Fees
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"Gracias Ernesto for everything! As I stated, you were worth every penny!  . . .  I feel that I can now move on with my life and perhaps, find someone really nice."---D.R. Former Client

"You were a very good attorney I had for the first time in my life. I never dreamed in my life I will be knocking on the doors of law for justice. I'm learning so much in this life journey. May be this stop for our journey as client & attorney but you gave me good support, guide in our traveling as a friend. I will remember you wherever I may be and believe you to be a good friend of mine now."---S.N. Former Client

"You are super!!"---Wisconsin Lawyer

"Ernesto, YOU ROCK!"---Wisconsin Lawyer

"As usual, you rock!"---B.T. Former Client

".... These are very trying times and your help has relieved some of the stress that is understandably involved with matters of this kind. ... Thanks again for your help and as I mention your name in various circles, the response is always overwhelmingly positive. It means a lot to have a good reputation...." ---Wisconsin Politician and Forms User

"...As usual, thank you so much for all your help and guidance. The Lord surely blessed me when he put your name and telephone number in my hands." --- C.D., Milwaukee, WI

"...I think you are the most wanted attorney in Milwaukee.  Only because you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!" --- K.G., Granada Hill, CA

"Thank You, Thank you, Thank You for making this soooooooo easy for me, I did not have the money to go with an Atty. and this was just what I needed. This was a blessing for people with limited funds." --- Pro Se Forms User

"I am going through a pro se divorce and I wanted to let you know I think your website is the best thing since sliced bread!!! Thank you." --- Pro Se Forms User

"...[E]arly last year my wife divorced me for a 21 year old long haired trucker. I'm 53 now. I used your forms for a divorce in Walworth county. When I filed them the clerk of courts commented that these forms were better than what most lawyers submit. Thanks for being there for people in need. You are so giving." --- R.I., Whitewater, WI

"I just want to let you know that your website is absolutely awesome and I thank God for it. It has really been a big help. . . . It's people like you and your website that take the frustation out of things of a sensitive nature such as divorce. There needs to be more attorneys like you. Your rewards shall be great. Thanks again." --- C.M. Milwaukee, WI

"What else can I say that hasn't already been said. You are on top of everything and considerate at the same time (must be your seminary background). I and my son appreciate all you have done for us. You are a blessing." --- C.A. Milwaukee, WI

"... Laura Deak, a former Oak Creek resident who used Romero's site to file her own petitions for divorce and paternity in Milwaukee County, said the sites should be replicated statewide. Unable to afford an attorney last August, she first paid $200 to an advertised Milwaukee private pro se help center, but the attorney [it was a pro se center - not an attorney] prepared her paperwork incorrectly. ...[Regarding] 'I would definitely (recommend people) try it,' said Deak, 29, who now lives in Beloit. 'It's low cost and very easy to understand.' "  ---Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story which appeared on February 16, 2002

"...holy moly....Very, very impressive...." --- Visitor

My wife and I would like to sincerely acknowledge and thank you for your kind
help during the filing of our divorce paperwork.Your courtesy, sincerity and patience were most refreshing and certainly made this difficult task
extraordinarily simple. The seminar that you conducted at the public library on the evening of March 07, was very helpful and 
we hope that you may continue to have these in the future to benefit others as it did us. Best Regards
---R. R. Milwaukee County

"Mr. Romero, Thanks again for creating the [computer Z3] program to fill out the divorce papers. The program was easy to use and I applaud you for improving the system. You are ahead of your time. . . ." --- Recent Z3 PDF Forms User

"I can not tell you how incredibly useful your site is and how much I appreciate all the information, it has been a life saver for me." --- B.D.

"I just wanted to thank you for your web site. It helped me get my divorce started. I used your forms and when taking them to the courthouse to file them, they asked where I had gotten them as they had been looking for a site and were unable to find ones as good as the ones you have. Again, Thank You."  --- B.D. Chippewa County

REMEMBERED !!!! ---N. R. Milwaukee County

"Z3 is a really slick Acrobat utility. I, for the most part, found it easy to use and much easier to trust than one of those 'order your prepackaged kits' from the net. I'm still working through it, as I prefer to do things a few times before finalizing something as important as this, but after two walk-throughs everything seems to work great. . . .it is a great utility. Thank you very much! I'm in the information technology space, used to be a programmer, now I'm a systems architect, I can apprciate how much work goes into a utility which is as easy to use and as accurate as this one." --- Recent Z3 Forms User

"As many times as I can thank you would not be enough for your great help. I was panically afraid of courts and any paperwork. In addition I am buzy with my several jobs and school enough to not even think about going through divorce. I was pointed to your web-site by my friend and was able to find all necessary forms and instructions. I filed petition the same day. A week later I walked out with the Court Date. It took me two nights to fill and collect all necessary papers and about two hours in the court (the Free Legal Clinic is of great help) to put them together and present. Your site is fantastic. Not only it helped me to save time AND money (which I never believed is possible combination), but also it made me much more confident in representing myself to the court. In addition I am impressed by your friendly attitude and being so commited to help people. This is very rear and very valuable. Thank you again and again," --- Russian Immigrant Who Used the HTML Forms

"I applaud Ernesto Romero for his [computer] program [named Z3 at]. . . . I wished I had been aware of his program to begin with and I might of saved myself $195. The program was user friendly and easy to use for a lay person(me) with no knowledge of court process and paperwork." --- Recent Z3 Forms User Who Did It Herself---She Saved Her Case From An Incompetent Pro Se Assistance Center in Milwaukee

"So far, your web page has helped me enormously. Before I started reading this page I knew nothing about these proceedings. Now I am starting to learn more and more and I am beginning to finally feel somewhat comfortable about the next steps I need to take." --- Recent Visitor

"Mr. Romero: Thanks for providing legal forms and information on the net for free. If I do need a lawyer, you will be the first to be called. Thanks again." --- J.B. Pro Se Forms User.

"You are the best." --- Former Client Visiting Site.

". . . Absolutely mind blowing. It is so well done you can almost feel a hand taking yours and leading you around the site. I really feel very comfortable suggesting a visit to this site for those individuals wishing to file pro se." --- D.F. Racine, WI

". . . I love computer-enhanced forms. I already filled my divorce papers out yesterday from your website. It's awesome. . . ." --- Pro Se Forms User

"I have used your online site/forms and filed for divorce in Dane County. The site was a major plus, and very easy to use." --- Pro Se Forms User

"I saw your website tonight and its very impressive!!" --- Visitor

"Thank you and YOU HAVE A GREAT WEBSITE!" --- H.S., Pro Se Person

"...Thank you so much for your help. I don't know if you realize what a blessing your website is for those of us who cannot afford representation." --- Pro Se Forms User

"A-1 Site For Wisconsin Legal Forms. A Must Visit If You Are Going To Court Pro Se." --- Chippewa Valley Fathers Rights Webpage

"I work for a child support agency. We often have clients that have many legal questions (which of course we can't address or answer). Your web site gives us something to give to people in desperate situations who often do not have the financial resources to seek an attorney for advise. Thank you!!!!" --- Visitor

". . . your site was pretty informative and seems to be very popular. Great Job." --- Former Client

"I heard about your website through my aunt, in the clerk's office. She speaks very highly of you and said that your website is very helpful and I must agree that it is. Thank you so much for providing all of the information you do. . . . " --- Visitor

" . . . . [T]hank you, I did receive the form and was able to download and print it successfully. My divorce should be final in as little as three weeks now. Thank you again for your assistance. I wish there were some way to repay you for all you do. You have an incredible heart. I hope those in your life that surround you see that and appreciate it. May you be blessed in return 100 fold." --- Recent Forms User Who Did It Herself Too

". . . Z3 . . . is outstanding in it's simplicity." --- Technology Manager of a legal services firm from another state

". . . I love your site. . . .You're doing great work, THANKS." --- Wisconsin Lawyer

"Your Z3 site is awesome." --- Z3 User

"I somehow finally believe that I can do this legal stuff...I wish I knew you existed years ago.God bless." --- Pro Se Forms User

"I just wanted to thank you for your assistance with my custody case. Your web site and the foms available there helped immensely. Being a single father attempting to gain custody of my two boys, I ran into roadblock after roadblock in my efforts at the courthouse. I was sent from one person to the next, and given conflicting instructions by each. The bottom line being 'hire an attorney and stay out of it yourself.' Your forms provided the clarity that enabled me to pursue this matter pro se. I applaud your efforts to help the average person tackle this often difficult and complicated situation. Thank you again." --- Pro Se Forms User

"I want to thank you very much for all your time and help . . . . I will keep your site as a favorite." --- User Who Downloaded Child Support Modification Forms And Successfully Resolved Matter

"I am very grateful for your webpage. As you are aware we are seeing an ever increasing amount of pro se litigants, especially in family law matters. Knowing that I can refer them to the Z3 program, and take care of the majority of their answers is wonderful!" --- WI Family Court Commissioner

"Thanks you so very much. You site has been a great help. Don't think I could ever thank you enough." --- Forms User

"I just wanted to thank you for your assistance, it has been invaluable. You and your web site have made it possible for me to take action from outside of the state. It would have been almost impossible without the service that you provide. Your website is easy to follow and makes finding and obtaining the correct forms easy. I wish your sevice had been available several years ago. Thank you again for your assistance." --- Washington State Pro Se Forms User Preparing a Milwaukee County Action

"The web site seems to work very well. The only problems I had were: I was not sure if I had filled in all of the blanks I should have, and I did not see a place that listed fees and costs involved for filing. . . . Thank you again for making such a difficult court procedure such an easy process." --- Z3 Divorce Program User

"Wisconsin Forms offers a huge selection of available forms that relates specifically to the state of Wisconsin but is not limited to the state. . . . One annoying thing annoying about this site is the banner displaying the attorney's law firm as you continously scroll down the screen." ---Annoyed Librarian

"Your forms and instructions worked out great. I filed four papers and went through the process in 2 hours. Everyone was very helpful and many people were filing on their own. You are a credit to our community with the help you have provided." ---Recent Visitor and Forms User

"Dear Mr. Romero, Thank you so much for your wonderful, informative web page as well as for personally answering numerous emails filled with my questions. Your kindness has helped me to get through this very difficult time and to complete the Pro Se Divorce paperwork by myself. . . . I didn't know where to turn, to complete this difficult paperwork. I thank God for you and your generosity Mr. Romero! I am confident that your web page will be helping many people, and if I ever need to hire an attorney, I'll be giving YOU a call!" ---Recent Visitor and Forms User

"I have been searching on internet for the past three weeks for any site that might have wisc forms and I finally ran across your site. I am thankful you are there. . . . I downloaded the progrram [Z3] to my desk top and it runs fine. I was able to install it on my desk top and launch it without any problem. This is a really nice program you have. . . . I wish more people could do what you do so willingly. Thanks for the help! . . ." ---Recent Visitor and Forms User

"I found out about [you] surfing on the net. Would you know where I could find forms for California? I wish there were more individuals who share your public well being." ---Recent California Visitor

"I wanted to say what a wonderful service you are providing to people going through these "trying" times in's amazing the amount of dedication and time you have spent making these services accessible to all people - for FREE on top of it!!!! Congratulations - because you have made a difference for me, and I'm sure there are many more who feel the same way. Keep up the wonderful job - I wish you all the best at what you are doing now and in the future." ---Recent Visitor and Forms User

"I am very impressed for what you have accomplished. I spent hours last night reviewing the forms, your web site, etc. You have been very helpful. . ." ---Recent Visitor and Forms User

"This is great! Thank you for this "GREAT" web site. Now I don't have to sit back and watch, I can participate in making changes to my life and my daughters in a positive direction. This means very much to me and undoubtedly, to everyone you have touched with your work. . . . . I know you have given me and others new hope and that is priceless." ---Recent Visitor and Forms User

"Using this website was very educational and extremely helpful! What a fantastic idea!" ---Recent Visitor And Forms User

"Ernesto - truly an awesome website!" ---Wisconsin Family Court Commissioner

"Your website is terrific!" ---Wisconsin Assistant Family Court Commissioner

"I've heard about your website before, but only visited it for the first time today. I am sincerely impressed." ---Wisconsin Judge

"I have been searching the net for free forms for petition for divorce. Yours is the only site that I have found that has actual "free" forms, unfortunately I don't live in Wisconsin." ---Iowa Visitor

"Cool site!" ---Wisconsin Family Court Judge

"I've upgraded your site to four stars!" ---Wisconsin Attorney

"It's beyond description and I'm incredibly impressed by the "virtual" law office idea." ---Wisconsin Attorney

"I think your site is awesome!!!" ---Wisconsin Attorney

"Ernesto: I checked out your web site and it is great! What an asset." ---Wisconsin Attorney

"Congratulations! You are a frigging genius. Now we know what you did with your time off during December and January." ---Wisconsin Attorney

"....I just want to commend you on your terrific webpage. Very, very helpful." ---Wisconsin Attorney

"Amazing! Everyone is talking about it! A first." ---Wisconsin Clerk of Courts

"I checked out the free legal form web site - unbelievable. I ran off a copy for the Women and Children project - I am certain this will be a great and much needed help. Thank you for taking the time to put these on-line." ---Wisconsin Law Student

"Keep up the good work!" ---Wisconsin Attorney

"Loved it!" ---Wisconsin Attorney

"Killer Website!" ---Wisconsin Attorney

"I couldn't have gotten so far with this without you and your website!" ---Wisconsin Pro Se Forms User

"In one word - COOL! I am impressed by your entrepreneurship and style. I hope to utilize some of that in my legal practice as well." ---Minnesota / Wisconsin Attorney

"I do have to agree with the other comments from people who visited the site...Extreme amounts of valuable information. Easy to find what you need without scrolling through heaps of garbage." ---Recent Visitor

"We had the hearing last Thursday and everything went smooth. Thanks for all of your help. I couldn't have done this alone." ---1st Z3 Forms User

"While mostly for Wisconsin lawyers, this website is so spectacular, that everyone should check it out, if for no other reason than to see how visually exciting a legal website can be." ---Wisconsin Attorney

"Atty. Romero I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in getting my divorce procedure started. I have asked and research many different websites but still had questions and as I said before you were available to clarify those questions and again I thank you very much for that. Continue doing the community a great deal." ---Pro Se Individual

"I attended the Family Law seminar today and was so impressed with your presentation that I just had to check out your site- great job. I'm sure I'll be back again to browse further. It is great that a lawyer has made some of these forms available to the general public free. It looks as though there are some forms that I can use at my office as well. I have already downloaded the "Parenting Plan" form prepared by Lucy Cooper for use in several cases where I am GAL. Thanks again!" ---Wisconsin Attorney

"I panicked when I read this. How long will you not be practicing family law? I mean I'm very happy for you. . . . . Also you're the best, so who would replace you. NOBODY!!!!!." --- Old Client

".... I have been able to visit your Web site and find it easy to navigate and very informative. The forms that you have made available ensure that I am able to locate the appropriate form by its Number as well as its Title and description. I would like to thank you for your time in putting this site together." ---Self-represented forms user in Texas planning to file action in Dane county


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