Useful Websites for the Family Law Practitioner

Version 2.1

By:  Thomas R. Glowacki

Hill, Glowacki, Jaeger, Reiley, Zimmer & Hughes, LLP  

I. Search Engines - Finding a Person

Utilizes 37 search engines

Fee when results obtained Database of public records

Links to world phone directory

telephone directory and reverse directory

E-Mail addresses

Draws maps and gives mileage, good for subpoenas as it calculates the mileage from one point to another,

Enter a name, city and state if you have it and it will perform a search.

Bell South White Pages

GTE Superpages

searches the Web for any mention of a person's name

Social Security Death Index, private, not SSA, subscription service


II. General Search Engines

A.  Meta Search Engines

employs 700 search engines, can search by subject

query 13 search engines at once, legal categories

Stock quotes, and a sophisticated search engine to specific areas, e.g. the news for the last two weeks. Netscape link to numerous search engines

searches usenet discussion groups and newsgroups

Galaxy, can search defined categories

Magellan, search defined categories and for people

factual materials-dictionaries, almanacs, papers, etc

Catalogs all types of search sites and allows you to search on other sites, has legal categories


III. Legal Search Engines

pre-employment search engine, people finder links

Summary of recent web postings in many subject areas

Doucments.centerstats.html links to government studies and documents including cost of living and child rearing costs

links to legal and law related developments

on line advice for law practice development

Hieros Gamos- numerous links to government sites

International Process Servers

Calculates time periods

calculators, including: Jewish calendar, blood alcohol content, child growth calculator, cost of raising children, financial and investments  

federal and state cases and statutes

searchable US Constitution, US Code, CFR and Federal Register

Legal information, E-Law services and legal products

Cyberspace Bar Association

U of Chicago lawlists finder

ABA Internet Research portal

Directory of numerous tax sites, including 47 states and The District of Columbia, tax search engine, research, statutes and regs, etc


IV. Bar Associations

Family Law Section

ABA Family Law Section

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

Wisconsin Chapter of AAML

Dane County Bar Association

Milwaukee County Bar Association

Waukesha County Bar Association

Buffalo, Jackson, Pepin & Trempealeau Counties


V. Divorce  - General Resources

Anonymous “child custody consultant” answers FAQs

Divorce Military Style

Indiana U. family law links

Georgetown University family law site

Cornell University Family Law Site

U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services

Where to write for vital statistics records


VI.  Asset Valuation

A. Automobile, Motorcycle and Boat Values

Edmunds Auto

Kelley Blue Book

Also airplanes and motorcycles

The results of using all three sites in one recent case?

‘92 Plymouth Van‘96 Nissan Maxima

Kelley                     6190                9710

Edmunds                5440                11420

NADA                   6325                11075

Milwaukee based, only back to 1992

collector cars

collector cars

boat prices


B. Securities

The Wall Street Journal.  Two week trial period.

Requires you to be a subscriber

Create individual portfolios  

Create individual portfolios

Morningstar membership site with 401(k) advice

membership site, custom portfolio, anyone can check  stocks, bonds or funds

stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, financial calculators


C. Real Estate

Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association.  Links to all Register of Deeds Websites and downloadable forms.

City of Madison Assessor

Dane County Register of Deeds

City of Milwaukee Assessor’s Office

Virtually all Milwaukee property records

City of Manitowoc Assessor


VII. Mental and Physical Health Issues

A. General Health Information

Mayo Clinic website

National Center for Biotechnology Information

links and descriptions of various mental illnesses

Federal site with health information and links

NIH website with medical and drug information


B. Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse

American Council on Alcoholism

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency

Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Addictions has a number of assessment instruments

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH)

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors


C. Attention Deficit Disorder


The National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities

National ADD Association

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Federal Resource Center for Special Education

National Depressive and Manic Depressive Assoc.


D. Eating Disorders

Also has links to numerous other mental health sites



E. Learning Disabilities

Wisconsin Special Education Mediation System Mediation program


F. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

National Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation

Obsessive-Compulsive Resource


G. Parental Alienation Syndrome

Richard A. Gardner, M.D. is the discoverer or creator,  of Parental Alienation Syndrome. 


H. Medications

Physician’s Desk Reference site, free but you have to sign up.

Commonly prescribed medications

Medications and diseases, FAQs, numerous links


VIII. Single Parenting


IX. Child Support

Wisconsin Bureau of Child Support

Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE)

Information about the IV‑D program, and takes comments on proposed Regulations.

National Clearinghouse for NCSEA (National Child Support Enforcement Association) Database with articles and information about child support.

ERICSA (Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Association

CLASP‑Center for Law and Social Policy Not a IV‑D site, analysis of Federal Regulations and policies concerning child support and welfare

Very comprehensive website with stats and regs for all 50 states, numerous articles and links.  Must visit.

UIFSA forms


X. Removal Case Resources

Bureau of Labor Statistics  hourly and annual compensation for selected metropolitan areas

Bureau of Labor Statistics employment statistics for 250 occupations on state-by-state basis

America’s Career Information Network. Information on wages and trends for occupations, state by state.

Wage Web salary surveys

Aimed at people moving to another city, it allows you to calculate the amount that a party would have to earn to have the equivalent standard of living in another city.

Department of Commerce Census site

Information regarding availability and cost of flights for minor child

Information on homes, jobs, schools, daycare and other resources, cost of living, income and jobs


XI. Financial Issues and Mortgage Calculations

Salaries / earning potential of certain professions.  Link suggested by Judge Dan A. Noonan

General financial data

has a variety of financial planning tools and information

Housing costs in other cities, determines qualification for a conventional mortgage and amortizes

Mortgage, refinance and credit card pay off calculators

online credit report for a charge

American Express Retirement Needs calculator


XII. Guardian ad Litem

Central Missouri Child Advocacy Law Center

5th Judicial Circuit of Florida GAL Website

CASANet GAL Library

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)

National CASA Association

NCASAA links page



These two sites do valuation requests and ODROs.

Dept of Labor Pension and Welfare Benefits Admin.


XIV.  Wisconsin Sites

A. General

A rich source of information and links

Attorney Ernesto Romero’s collection of Wisconsin-specific legal and non-legal forms, form generators, programs and process server databases


B. Courts and Court Agencies


Supreme Court and Court of Appeals


NOT CCAP, website for all court functions, downloadable forms


Circuit Court Automation Program (CCAP)


Waukesha County Circuit Court


City of Milwaukee Municipal Court


Trempeleau County Circuit Court


C.  Law Schools


UW Law School

UW Law School Library

Marquette Law School

Marquette Law School Library


D.  State Agencies

main web site, directory of state employees

Department of Transportation, link to DOT Admin Code

Employee Trust Funds, on line benefit calculator

State Legislature Website

Text of pending bills.

State Revisor of Statutes - Wisconsin Statutes

The latest version of the Statutes and Admin Code as well as older versions of the statutes

Department of Financial Institutions - actual corporate information is now available on this site.  Also, you can download PDF copies of corporate forms.

Department of Revenue, tax forms 1995 to current, Wisconsin Tax Bulletins, Tax publications, Local government forms and publications

Wisconsin State Law Library

Wisconsin Department of Justice


E.  Dane County Sites

Dane County Clerk of Court, Local Rules

All Dane County agencies

You can search, and download, for a fee, all archived stories found within search parameters.  Also links to Dane Co. MLS, and from there,  any MLS

City of Madison site,  Madison General Ordinances


XV.  Other States’ Courts

National Council of State Courts directory to state court websites

National Council of State Courts

Access to all State Court sites

Links, by state, to 1565 public record databases.    

Links to other state court sites











XVI.  Federal Sites

Bankruptcy Court Eastern District

Bankruptcy Court Western District

Directory to US Court System

Social Security Administration includes a search site

Veterans’ Administration

IRS forms

IRS forms and publications in downloadable format.

Spousal Tax Relief Eligibility Explorer

U.S. Postal Service site for Zip+4 codes

Health insurance for children, link to BadgerCare

Coming this fall, portal to all Federal Websites


U.S. Congress

Library of Congress

National Archives and Records Administration

Center for Electronic Records

Military Payroll data

U.S. Army retirement benefits

Federal Agency statistics

U. S. Code

Code of Federal Regulations

Government Printing Office USC, CFR

XVII.  Miscellaneous Sites

Free Lexis case law, forms, misc. items

Removes ads from your browser
Paternity - Blood Test Issues Book

Blood test research site with expert witness.
Legal Briefs Site

Wisconsin process servers

Free Translation Site

Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing

For health professionals

Quick query for health professionals, query up to 10 credential numbers at once

For business professionals

For business entities or permits

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