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What is it!?
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What's the catch with this program?
May I download it?
May I save Z3 and my data on my computer?
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What forms does it have?
Why was the Z3 "robot" invented?
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How does it help self-represented individuals?

What about privacy?
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What about private lawyers using the program?
Who is Ernesto Romero?

What is it? Quite simply, it is a brand new document assembly program enabling Wisconsin family law forms to be completed and generated automatically. Think of it as a legal robot that asks questions and fills out legal forms.  Back to the top.

May I see a sample of what it does? To see a free demonstration of Z3 and to open it from its current location using the Adobe Acrobat Reader click here.  The free Adobe Acrobat software is required to view Z3. Back to the top.

What is it going to do? The Z3 program is set to revolutionize the way people have access to the law. This powerful computer program will improve how self-represented litigants manage their divorce, custody, support, legal separation, and annulment cases. It is a major step in the evolution of access to justice.  Back to the top.

How? Individuals, who cannot afford lawyers, may now create and modify their own professional looking, print-on-demand, family forms effortlessly. These forms will be 95% filled-in typed, ready-for-review, editing, and filing 24/7/365. Z3 facilitates a cost-effective method of producing an integrated document for a relatively quick and inexpensive legal review instead of spending the time and money for a fully tailored document. Due to the simplicity and ease of the Z3 program, virtually anyone with a simple family law case who has access to Adobe software, whether legally trained or not, is empowered to draft quality legal documents in about 30 minutes. Back to the top.

Who owns Z3? The Z3 program was developed by Wisconsin divorce attorney Ernesto Romero after several years of general computer and Web research. He owns it. Back to the top.

Is it free!? Z3 is a free Web-based downloadable legal forms generator to qualified individuals for non-commercial purposes only. For people who do not qualify, there is a fee. Back to the top.

What's the catch with this program? There is no catch. It is a fee-based program for self-represented individuals and free to those who qualify. The Internet revolution is comparable to when television was first introduced. News and entertainment programs were made possible by advertisements. WisconsinForms.com offers information and advertisements so that the litigant consumer is aware of the potential available if they were to hire a lawyer. Along with targeted advertising tailored to self-represented individuals who may seek a variety of future legal services, it provides specialized referral services. By aggregating forms links, Attorney Romero's WisconsinForms.com Web site offers the bar a broad audience as well as a range of highly targeted advertising opportunities. Back to the top.

May I download it? Self-represented litigants, pro bono attorneys, teachers, librarians, judges, commissioners, county clerks of court, court administrators, domestic abuse shelter caseworkers, social workers, and members of the press are free to download the Z3 trial version for non-commercial purposes only. Back to the top.

May I save Z3 and my data on my computer? It is not recommended.  Z3 asks that information be stored on a 3 1/2" diskette.  Social security numbers should not be stored in private or public computers. Back to the top.

What do I need to download it? Two things. The free Adobe Acrobat program downloaded to your computer. You get it by clicking the icon below. Back to the top.

What else? You will also need instructions on how to use it.  To obtain the instructions to use it, you must request them as you enter WisconsinForms.com.  By requesting the instructions, you automatically qualify to receive the latest updates to Z3 and other forms.You may unsubscribe at any time. Back to the top.

Then what? You download Z3 by clicking any of the icons below and OPENING THE FILE FROM ITS CURRENT LOCATION (If you want to save the Z3, click [SAVE FILE TO DISK]: Back to the top.



Click here to open into current window - but it'll take time.

or by logging on to his private Web page at: http://www.WisconsinForms.com

What forms does it have? The program includes all of the necessary interactive templates ranging from the summons and petition to the marital settlement agreement and final judgment for simple cases. The Z3 program specifically includes the following interactive templates: Back to the top.

Petition for Waiver of Fees and Indigency Affidavit
Petition for Divorce, Legal Separation, or Annulment
Joint Petition
Affidavit of Custody Information
Child Support Percentage Standards
Admission of Service, Waiver of Appearance
Financial Disclosure Statement
Certificate of Compliance & Affidavit of Non-Military Service
Temporary Stipulation and Order
Order to Show Cause For Temporary Relief
Order to Appear for Pre-Trial Conference
Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Judgment
Marital Settlement Agreement / Proposed Order
Lucy Cooper's Parenting Plan
Certificate of Divorce Draft Version
Disbursement Order
Response and Counterclaim   Back to the top.

Why was the Z3 "robot" invented? Wisconsin courts are facing an ever-increasing number of litigants who go to court without legal counsel, largely because they cannot afford representation. The unfamiliarity of these self-represented litigants with court forms leaves them disadvantaged in court and consumes a significant amount of court resources. Back to the top.

So? Equal access to justice must extend to all people, including the vulnerable and poor who are unable, without online help, to assert, protect or defend their rights and their children's rights. Development of creative Web-based "smart forms" are essential to ensuring access to the courts, and is a primary goal of WisconsinForms.com. Private attorneys thinking of going online should focus on national and statewide technology initiatives. It is Attorney Romero's goal that these dynamic forms enhance access to justice for disadvantaged groups and citizens at large. Back to the top.

How does it work? Utilizing JavaScript technology, this program works in the same way document assembly systems do such as HotDocs**, WordPerfect**, MS-Word**, TurboTax**, and TaxCut**. Self-represented individuals simply download the JavaScript based program and input their relevant information once. Rather than hand-writing word by word, litigants answer questions about the facts and circumstances of their current case and enter the form variables using their computer keyboards. Z3 responds to these facts and circumstances by automatically creating a unique well-composed draft of the applicable county-specific documents ready for final viewing, review, and editing. The Z3 program seamlessly merges the information with all the necessary PDF legal forms. Back to the top.

Who benefits? The end result of this online document assembly system will be less work for court clerks, judges, and court commissioners. This tool will help courts improve their caseload management, reduce case lag time, improve the quality of pro se pleadings, and minimize the time required for clerk and judicial review. Courts may also install this program into offline desktop kiosks to assist pro se individuals, who will pass their time-savings back to the courts. Moreover, Z3 virtually guarantees gender and number agreement and greatly minimizes the possibility of inconsistent facts in self-represented documents. Please be assured, the final documents will be accepted anywhere legally valid family law forms are accepted throughout Wisconsin's seventy-two counties. Back to the top.

How does it help self-represented individuals? For the self-represented individual, the Z3 program helps to eliminate the drudgery of hunting down court forms and drafting chores. The Z3 program also eliminates the tedious task of printing out or typing redundant information on numerous legal forms. Because it is Internet-based and mergeable into numbered forms, it will fill out forms for self-represented individuals faster and easier than ever. Back to the top.

What about privacy? What is important to note is the fact that an individual's privacy is protected. The Z3 program is downloaded to the individual's computer; therefore, all social security number information and other private data are kept in the individual's computer and away from the Internet. Back to the top.

Will it replace lawyers? No. The Z3 program does not replace the valuable services of a good lawyer. Z3 reminds self-represented individuals to seek the services of a competent family law lawyer and tax planner in complex cases.
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What Attorney Romero asks of you?  Please support sponsor ads on his site. Also tell others about it. He would also appreciate feedback if you run Z3.  Back to the top.

How can I reach him? For more information about this and other programs being developed, contact Ernesto Romero at 414-403-9000. Or simply e-mail him at: ERLawyer@yahoo.comBack to the top.

What about private lawyers using the program? Currently the use of Z3 is limited to self-represented individuals.  Back to the top.

Who is Ernesto Romero? Ernesto Romero received his undergraduate degree in history from Marquette University in 1987 and his law degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1990. Before launching his interactive e~law office, www.Click-A-Lawyer.com and www.WisconsinForms.com, Mr. Romero had a brick-and-mortar private practice for seven years and had worked as a Legal Aid lawyer. He is the first and only Wisconsin lawyer to digitize the complete set of divorce and paternity legal forms in HTML and to create free legal robots. (Some forms are in fill-in MS-Word and Dynamic PDF formats - the latter downloadable in one click.) His online site is Wisconsin's leading interactive portal providing the largest collection of form generators, legal links, and print-on-demand legal documents relevant to a Wisconsin law practice. His sites are recognized in Lawyers Weekly, Wisconsin counties, and linked by Wisconsin libraries, FindLaw, TheLaw, SmartDivorce, DirvorceInfo, Split-Up, LawGuru, and the Milwaukee Bar Association as well as major search engines. He is currently working for Milwaukee County as the Director of Litigation Services and is the founder and co-director of the four-year-old Wisconsin Family Justice Clinic, a nationally recognized self-help legal clinic model in a major urban courthouse serving more than 2800 self-represented litigants a year. He currently manages volunteer attorneys and M.U. and U.W.M. law students at the clinic. In his free time he moderates several professional e-mail list groups he founded.  Back to the top.

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